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Music Listening Methods



intro listen

This survey is to find out about your preferred listening methods i.e. whether you listen to CDs, download or stream your music. The survey is online and uses 'Mentimeter' which is a system of administering the survey and collecting and managing the data. To start the survey please click here (opens in new window):    and enter the following six digit code when asked:   85  14  91  -  if you see a 'Voter ID not available' message, the survey is not currently active.

If you want to skip a question just click Submit and then the Skip button.

The survey is anonymous and you will not be asked any personal questions. Thank you for participating in the 'Music Listening Methods' survey.

About LVR Days



 retro mic yellow(Evaluating the differences between live performance and both high and low resolution recordings of the performance)


'Live vs Recorded Days' are a series of performances together with audience evaluations where ensembles of performers play live in front of an invited audience and the performance is recorded. Immediately afterwards, the recording is played back to the audience together with a number of encoded versions (mp3, flac, wma etc.) together with another live rendition of the same piece - these are heard by the audience in a random order and they will not know what version they are listening to or even whether they are hearing a recording or another live version. 



In order to evaluate the differences between various native and encoded versions of the same recording, there is a fundamental requirement that the original recording be of the very highest quality and be at least as good as the highest resolution that is being compared. All recordings being made during the LVR Days sessions are recorded at 192Khz 24Bit using extended frequency range microphones and capture devices.



The first series of LVR Days is on Tuesday the 15th and Wednesday the 16th March in the anechoic chamber at the BRE centre in Watford, Herts. Attendance is by invitation only.



  1) CCCU - Broadstairs on Monday the 15th February - click here for details. Completed

  2) BRE - Watford on Tuesday the 15th and Wednesday the 16th March 2016 - click here for details. Completed

  3) BRE - Watford on Tuesday the 21st and Wednesday the 22nd February 2017 - click here for details.

LVR Days 1 - Watford, March 2016

LVR DAYS 1 AT THE BRE, WATFORD - March 15th & 16th 2016


IMG 9439  (Click here or on the image to see a time-lapse video of the setup for LVR Days)  

Screenshot 2016 11 11 19.35.00  (Click here or on the image to see a short video of one of the recording/playback sessions)  

bre chamber(Click here or on the image to see a video about the BRE's Anechoic Chamber in Watford, UK)  

The first series of LVR Days outside of Canterbury Christ Church University is on Tuesday the 15th and Wednesday the 16th March 2016 in the Anechoic Chamber at the BRE centre in Watford, Herts.

On the first day, Tuesday the 15th, seperate 'performances' will be centred around school and college based participants and will include cohorts from Y6 Primary School pupils, a range of Secondary school pupils and staff together with FE College students.

Day two, Wednesday the 16th, will commence with an adult oriented group of participants followed by, from lunchtime onwards, students and staff from Canterbury Christ Church University.

If you would like to particpate, please contact us using the Contact LVR Days link in the LVR Days menu above or click here to email us.


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